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Siddharth Srivastava

Associate Professor

School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence

Arizona State University


#592, 699 S Mill Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85282

Research areas:     Generalizable planning and learning in AI and Robotics, AI assessment

My research focuses on principles and algorithms for reliable AI systems that can carry out generalizable planning and learning to solve complex, user-desired tasks. My group is currently working on topics such as learning abstraction hierachies, transfer learning, learning representations for sequential decision-making and on new paradigms for third-party safety and capability assessment of AI systems that can learn and plan. We are particularly interested in developing principles for AI systems that can reliably (and safely) learn, generalize and transfer knowledge to solve new, user-desired tasks not encountered during training.

Check out my group's webpage to learn more about our research!

Student opportunities: If you are interested in joining my group, please send me an email with your CV, a copy of your transcript, and a note on how you might contribute to some of our projects. If you have done well in technically rigorous classes in AI, or mathematics, or CS theory, you are already off to a great start!

Press Coverage: The BBC | Motherboard | AAAS Eureka Alert! Science News | NBC News | IEEE Spectrum

Recent Events and Highlights

ongoing: Looking forward to the seventh edition of the GenPlan Workshop at NeurIPS on Dec 16th!

11/23: It was a pleasure talking to Sean Leahy about AI Safety and Assessment at the Learning Futures podcast! Check out the episode here or here.

9/23: PhD students Pulkit Verma and Rushang Karia will be presenting our research on capability assessment of AI systems in stochastic settings at NeurIPS in December.

8/23: PhD student Naman Shah and I presented a tutorial on Integrated Task and Motion Planning at IJCAI 2023. [Slides]

Our work with Michael James McDonald, Mitch Lin, Dylan Hadfield-Menell, Pieter Abbeel and Stuart Russell was featured by the BBC (pdf).

I served as conference chair of ICAPS 2019.